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Community Awards

Awards will be presented on the day in recognition of significant community achievement by individuals, business and service organisations.
Nominations are welcomed and assessed by an independent panel of judges. 
Nominations must be received by 4pm on Wednesday 12th January 2022. Any nominations received after this time will not be accepted.

Young Citizen

Aged 12-18 years


Aged 18+


Community Organisation


Local Economy

Nomination Advice

The Australia Day Committee welcomes community member nominations in the range of Award categories we have.

The Committee has a proud history in celebrating the event and in so doing recognising individual and group excellence within our Town.

Provided herein a brief outline of some matters nominators should consider covering in relation to their preferred award nominee in their nomination. 

The role of the Australia Day Committee is to assist the community celebrate the values that we as the Australian Community aspire too. In that engagement we want to be able to celebrate the nominees efforts with the wider community, so please document what-ever you know that makes this person so special and the reasons you think they require being recognised.

The judges don’t want to read a novel so if you can provide DOT Points to cover each facet of activity you know and please don’t be shy or humble; we would like to recognise your nominee for all they have done over many years. Please also detail their historical and current involvement. Historical activity and service to the community is important and so are more current efforts. In your nomination please outline the wide range of community activities your nominee has been involved in.

For example: 

  • A community member may have been a very active leader in a community organisation for many years. Tell us that and the organisation and their major achievements. 

  • They may have worked with other groups as well, and in other communities.. 

  • They may have been inspirational in attracting new members or donations or may have masterminded a key community based project.

  • Were they a leader that inspired others, that grew the organisation or grew its customer reach or its service levels? Or they may have quietly worked away at every function every time and been respected by all their peers for being the team rock.

  • They may have excelled in community leadership or Sporting leadership or at school and had outstanding scholastic results and engaged and inspired fellow students. 

  • They may have mentored their peers, younger students or other members and or led the way breaking down personal or professional barriers for those that follow.

  • They may have had a disadvantaged background that makes their efforts and achievements even more meritorious 

Please provide a Referee Contact in your application form, this can be another committee member, a community leader or a friend. It really doesn’t matter so long as they are aware of the individual, their activities and levels of commitment and are prepared to speak to the selection committee if called upon to do so. 

We do not require a written reference but we do require the nominator details and the details of a referee to speak of the Nominee 


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