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Citizen Nomination

Recognising individuals, businesses and organisations that serve to make our community and nation, great to belong to and to be a part of. Thank you for highlighting the achievements of people in our community and helping to see their great efforts celebrated by others.

Please tell us who you would like to nominate and why.
Submissions for 2024 to be received no later than 4pm Friday 12 January 2024

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Nomination Advice

Guidelines and Criteria

Each year, the people of the Gloucester (2422 postcode) area are invited to nominate fellow citizens for Australia Day Awards. The Awards aim to recognise outstanding achievement during the past year and/or contribution to the local community over a number of years. 


Award categories 

  • Gloucester Local Citizen of the Year - open to persons 25 years or older on 26 January 2024 

  • Gloucester Local Young Citizen of the Year - open to persons under the age of 25 on 26 January 2024


Criteria and Eligibility 

  • Nominees must be Australian Citizens and must reside within the Gloucester 2422 postcode area. 

  • Nominations must be received by 4pm on Friday 12th January 2024. Any nominations received after this time will not be accepted. 

  • Contribution by an individual/couple to the Gloucester Region to be voluntary and unpaid and may be of general or specific nature. 

  • Nominees must have contributed significantly to the community, in any field considered appropriate.  Nominees must demonstrate active concern for the rights, welfare, wellbeing and/or advancement of  others and be able to display leadership, innovation or creativity in their activities. 

  • Unsuccessful nominees may be re-nominated in subsequent years, by filling out a new nomination form.  Previous year's nomination forms will not be accepted. 

  • A person cannot receive a second award in the same Award category but can be considered for recognition in a separate category in following years, eg. Local Young Citizen of the Year and then Local Citizen of the Year. 

  • Awards will not be granted posthumously. 

  • The nominee must not be a Member of Parliament or be a recipient of Australian and Imperial Honours. 

  • Nominations should include at least two letters of support or referees from different perspectives of the applicant's achievements.  Referees may be contacted by the Panel Chair as part of the decision making process and at least one referee should have a good knowledge of the nominee's key area of activity. 

  • The Nomination Panel reserves the right to obtain more information about each person from whatever source appropriate. 

  • The decisions of the Nomination Panel shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into on the subject of decisions made. 


Nomination Process 

  • To nominate, please complete the appropriate nomination form. 

  • Any supporting documentation should be attached to the nomination form. 

  • Any nomination received after the closing date cannot be considered. 

  • Additional information regarding nominations cannot be accepted after the closing date unless it is correcting earlier information supplied. 

  • All nominees will be notified after the closing date, advising they have been nominated and inviting them and their nominators to attend the Australia Day ceremony. 

  • The Awards will be presented on Australia Day at the Australia Day ceremony. 

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